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You can save reports that you run frequently in a Favorites list. Once a report has been added as a favourite you can run it directly from the CCH Practice Management main menu by selecting Favourites > Reports, then simply select the report you want to run from the menu. The Report Fields window displays where required for you to select dates and filters.

Create a Favourites list

  1. Click on a reporting area in the Task Bar to view the sub areas within it.

  2. Click on a sub area to display the reports within it in the Reports page.

  3. Click the report you want to add as a favourite, then click the Add to Favourites option in the Common Tasks are of the Task Bar.
    The report is now listed in the Favourites > Reports menu.


The Organise Favourites window lists all the reports added as a favourite. From here you can change the order that the reports are listed, run a report or delete reports you no longer want to appear in the list. To open the Organise Reports window select Favourites > Reports > Organise Favourites from the main menu.
Organise Favourites window


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