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Selecting and Running a Report

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  • When you run a report from the Reports window, the Report Fields window may prompt you to specify the filters.
  • You can save reports that you run frequently in a Favorites list. Once a report has been added as a favourite you can run it directly from the CCH Practice Management main menu by selecting Favourites > Reports, then simply select the report you want to run from the menu. The Report Fields window displays where required for you to select dates and filters.
  • The Table of Contents button provides for easy navigation via the grouping you have within a report. NOTE The table of contents is only present when a report includes at least one group.
  • You can save reports that you run frequently in a Favorites window, making it quicker to run them on future occasions.
  • Whilst in the Report Preview window, the menu bar includes an Export menu option. CCH Reporter allows you to export in an Excel, PDF or HTML format.
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