Saving a Report

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If you expect to reuse a report, either in its current form or with edits, it recommended that you save it regularly. In the Change Report window, you can click the Save icon at any time.

Save a Report

  1. Click the Save icon, Save button.
    The Save report layout window displays. You have the options to save as a new report or to overwrite an existing report.

  2. For a new report, type a new name in the Title field.


The Report title (that is, what is included in the header of the printed report,) may or may not be suitable as the name of the report as referenced within your practice. The name you enter here in the Save report layout window displays in the CCH Reporter listing that most users will run their reports from.
  1. Key in a Description for the report; this is a useful area to detail how and when the report is used within your practice.

  2. Click the OK button to save the report layout.

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