Creating a New Report

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    You cannot edit and save a previously saved report. If you edit a saved report you are prompted to save it as a new report under a different name.

    Create a new Report

    1. From the CCH Reporter window, select the sub area from the Task Bar that you want the new report to be in.

    2. Click the New button in the Reports page to create a new report based on the sub area.
      The Change Report window opens ready for you to assemble the required fields.

    3. In the Change Reports window, choose a template from the template drop-down list.

    4. Enter a name for your report.

    5. Enter date/s for your report.


    Various date parameters can be attached to a template, the selected template determines the date options available to you here. For example, End Date reports all data up to and including the end date specified.
    1. From the Field Chooser window click and drag the Client Code field, which you want to use to group data in your report, into the horizontal bar just below the report title field.


    Grouping is optional in a report; you can group by a single field or by several fields.
    The red arrows provide a visual guide to locating items in the grouping bar. When multiple fields are selected for grouping the grouping bar increases in size, like that shown below, to allow the fields to display in a tree-like hierarchy.
    1. From the Field Chooser window, click and drag the fields that you want into the field bar just below the grouping bar.

    A new field can be placed before or after any pre–existing field. The red arrows provide a visual guide to locating items in the field bar.
    You can run your report once you have selected fields to include.


    Ensure you save your report regularly if you expect to reuse it. If its an ad hoc query, then you can run it without saving.