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The Change Report Window

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CCH Reporter allows you to quickly edit or assemble a report in the Change Report window - this is very useful for creating ad hoc reports. A report is always based on a template, so when you change a report you are doing so in a predefined template. A template contains a definition of headers, footers and margins into which you can add the data, generally it does not contain any fields or data.


The tools and buttons that are displayed in the Change Report window are used as follows.



Save button Save

Saves the new or edited report.

 Report Designer

Opens the Report Designer window.

The Report Designer is part of CCH Reporter - Professional and is not included in the Standard version.

Run button Run

Runs the report.

Template list

Specifies the template on which your report is to be based. You can select another template from the drop down list if you want.

Field Chooser button Field Chooser

Allows you to display the Field Chooser window when editing a saved report.

Select All button

Allows you to add all the fields from the selected view to the report.

Deselect All button

Allows you to remove all the selected fields from the report.


Closes the Change Report window. You are prompted to save your layout if you attempt to close without saving.


As you assemble a report , click and drag fields into your report from the Field Chooser window. The field area is composed of columns and rows, and the listing below explains the purpose of each.




The name of the field.


The way in which data is to be totalled. You are able to choose to include the sum, count, average, minimum and/or maximum for a group and/or the report as a whole.


Data can be sorted by any field within a report. Alphabetic fields are sorted A to Z, numeric fields are sorted in ascending order.


You can design the report such that when a user runs the report they are prompted to specify which data values to include in the report.


A report can have filters included in the design so as to limit the report’s contents to particular data values. Up to five data values can be specified using the Or columns.

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