Data Refresh

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    A report must be re-run when:

    • The parameters are changed
    • The Show Nulls options is enabled 
    • The Auto refresh is disabled

    Re-run report if the parameters are changed

    When changing the Start Date or End Date within a report, the Run option turns orange. The ribbon is displayed as below:


    Click Run to refresh the report.

    Re-run report if the Show Nulls option is enabled

    By default, the Show Nulls option is disabled.

    When the Show Null option is enabled, the icon option turns orange and the ribbon is displayed as below:


    To refresh the report click Run.

    Re-run report if the Auto refresh option is disabled

       By default, the Auto refresh option is enabled.

       When Auto refresh option is disabled and fields are added within a report the Run button turns orange:


    Click Run to refresh the report.