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Daily Timesheet Entry

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Each Timesheet in this view displays one day’s entries only. The daily view for entering Timesheets has the advantage of letting you use the automatic timer to record the length of time spent on a task. Once the daily option has been selected for timesheet entry and a new Timesheet created, the entries are added via the New Entry window by clicking the button. Units are entered for the day or the automatic timer can be used to time each job. It is possible to have several New Entry windows open with clocks running simultaneously for different jobs.

Details for individual tasks can then be completed and, when finalised, the details are displayed as a new line in the timesheet. New entries are then added until the required hours in the time period (as set by the employee’s Time Processing Category) have been completed.

You can use the daily view even though you are completing a whole week’s timesheets.

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