Billing Groups

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    Billing groups can be set up to allow a single bill to be raised for a related group of clients or assignments. Generally, any client who has WIP recorded against them receives an invoice. There are times however, when clients have relationships with other clients in the system, and require WIP to be redirected between members of a particular group or assignments attached to different clients.

    This is achieved by setting up 'parent' and corresponding 'child' clients or assignments within the system. Billing groups are comprised of one parent and at least one child. A child client has its WIP redirected and invoiced to another client (the parent client). A parent client has one or more child clients’ WIP redirected to them for billing purposes.

    Assignment billing groups are comprised of one parent and one or more child assignments. A child assignment has its WIP redirected and invoiced to an assignment attached to a different client (the parent assignment). A parent assignment has one or more child assignments’ WIP redirected to it for billing purposes. An assignment billing group is defined by allocating a parent assignment to a child assignment via the Group tab of either the child's or parent's Assignment page.


    • Billing a group must be done through the parent’s Bills tab.

    • Billing a child on its own can still be done via the Bills tab within their Client or Assignment page.