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Assignment Types

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The assignment type defines the basic properties for an assignment. These properties are defined in the Assignment Types window. Assignment types generally describe the main types of both internal and external work carried out in the practice. Once the types are defined they can be further broken down into actual assignments to describe more specifically the work carried out for that type of assignment. For example, you may define ‘Tax’ as an assignment type, then create ‘Tax - Individual’, ‘Tax - Corporation’ and ‘Tax - Assessment’ as actual assignments.

It is at the assignment type level that you define the following settings for an assignment:

  • chargeable or non–chargeable

  • internal or external

  • whether it is included time or not (productive or non–productive)

  • the default paragraph.

These settings are then the default for any assignment that is attached to the assignment type. Assignment types are useful for type reporting purposes.

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