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  • Aged Debt Bands are used to classify overdue or outstanding invoices based on age. Use the Aged Debt Bands window to set up the start and end days for the bands that aged debts fall within. This window must have six bands defined at all times. The defaults are defined when the system is installed.
  • The system provides a number of configuration keys that allows a practice to modify the application to suit their operating practices. Access the configuration keys from Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration. It is strongly recommended that you read How to customise the application before adding or modifying any of the keys. Otherwise, the application may fail.
  • While the software comes with some preset configuration key settings, before you can use the software optimally, the system administrator needs to set up a number of options.
  • Custom categories are set up with a list of pre–defined values when a set number of values apply. For example, you could define a custom category called ‘Newsletter’, and define if a client receives your newsletter or not. The values for this would be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Custom categories always appear on the Extra tab available under the Assignment Page, Contact Page, Client Page, Employee Page and Assignment Page
  • You can set up Custom fields to record additional information about a contact, client, employee or assignment where the value can be different in each instance. A typical custom field is Date of Birth. Custom fields appear in the Extra tab on the Assignment, Contact, Client, Employee and Assignment pages.
  • You can set up links to third party applications from within CCH Practice Management by setting up a configuration key and then setting up access via the Maintenance menu.
  • A practice may want to change the terminology used in the application to the more familiar terms of their business. To change the terms, you need to set up the configuration key to enable you to change the terms in the system. Once the key is enabled, you can replace the terms used with that of the practice.