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Topics in this Section

  • The Bill Sequencing window is used to add and maintain the bill sequencing process for the practice.
  • If your practice wants to categorise fee income by the type of business (e.g. New, High Value) it is coming from, you need to set up configuration keys so that these 'business types' are available in the system for you to assign to fees.
  • A Task Code is allocated to every task. The system contains Task Codes but you can add to these to address the unique needs of your practice. Each task is represented by a short code in the system that represents a short name and description of the task. The task codes are used to define the allocation, completion, budgeting, milestones, time and expenses, and reporting requirements of tasks involved with client assignments. The system administrator usually adds task codes to the system.
  • The Miscellaneous settings are defined when the system is installed.