Ledger Maintenance

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The Ledger Maintenance menu option allows you to set up the defaults for the Supplier > Defaults tab. For all new suppliers created in the system, these options define the:

The default values can be overridden by choosing another value from the selected Supplier > Default tab.

Topics in this Section

  • On the Company Code Nominal window you can select a Nominal account based on the company and code combination. Selection of the Company Code Nominal allows the practice to classify the type of work carried out to the level of activities or tasks within an assignment.
  • The Company Nominal Accounts are nominal codes that are assigned for use within the company or practice.
  • Ledger defaults allow you to specify the defaults used for a supplier. These values can be changed for each individual supplier on the supplier details page but when set up or modified in the Ledger Defaults page would apply to all new suppliers.  These settings affect how billing and payments are carried out and can also have a carry on effect with ledger calculations (tax rate applied, for example).
  • The Nominal Maintenance window lets you create new nominal codes for use within the practice.