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Topics in this Section

  • The Employee Benefit Type Maintenance window is used to add and maintain benefit types for employees. You can also search for benefit types. Benefit Types can be used to determine cost information for employees on the Employee, Salary/Cost window.
  • The Employee Categories window is used to create and maintain the different groups or categories of employees in the practice. The employee categories form the basis to manage resources. In this window, you can also view all the current categories, the hours that are set for them as well as all the employees within each category.
  • The Employee Leave Type window is used to add and maintain the leave types for employees. Leave types might include Annual, Sick, Maternity or Study. Leave types may be configured as productive or non-productive on the Employee window.
  • Using the Over Time Type window you can add and maintain the types of overtime and the multiplier specified to them for selection in Timesheets, enabling time to be charged at a different rate for overtime work. For example, you may define an over time type for double time, which can be used for any work that has to be carried out for a client over a weekend.
  • Using the Time Units window you can add and maintain various time units that are available to users on the Timesheets window.