Copying text from other bills

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    You can copy the text from previous bills in the Posted Bills window. To open the Posted Bills window, in the Bill Paragraphs billing page, click  This Client/Assignment or Other Client/Assignment buttons. From the Posted Bills window you can browse to any bill previously raised on the system and copy the text directly into the current draft bill. The same buttons are also available in Stage Three of the Billing Wizard.

    Copy text from older bills

    When raising a bill at the client level (i.e., from the Bills tab in the Client page), the buttons are This Client andOther Client. If you are raising a bill at the assignment level i.e., in the Bills tab in the Assignment page) these options will read This Assignment and Other Assignment.

    • To list all the posted bills for the client/assignment you are currently billing, click the This Client/Assignment.. The Posted Bills window opens.

    • To list posted bills for a different client/assignment (i.e., not the client/assignment you are currently billing), click the Other Client/Assignment. The Find Client/Assignment window opens.
      You can then search for the client or whose bill content you want to copy.
      Once you have selected the client, the Posted Bills window is displayed listing all the posted bills for the selected client or assignment.

    • In the Posted Bills window, the left hand side lists the posted bills, showing the invoice date and number, and the write off and invoiced amount. Click one of these bill entries to display the paragraphs contained within it on the right hand side of the window.

    • When the billing paragraphs are listed, copy one or more of them to the current draft bill by dragging and dropping using the mouse.
      Multiple selections can be made by pressing the [Ctrl] key whilst making your selection (this will allow you to copy all the content of the bill if required, as you can select all the paragraphs in the Print Line Text column in one go). The paragraphs are added as new paragraphs.
      To append them to an existing paragraph hold the [Shift] key while you drag them to the draft bill.


    Only the text content of the paragraphs is added, not the values from the Amount or Tax fields. Once you have copied the paragraphs you will still need to enter the bill and tax amount.

    You can reorder the billing paragraphs if required using the Move Up and Move Down buttons at the bottom of the Bill Paragraphs window.