Authorising and posting a bill

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Once a draft bill for a client has been submitted, the next step it to authorise and post the bill. This process moves the client WIP into debtors, allowing the practice to then keep track of its financial exposure.

Authorise and post an individual bill from the Billing Main window

Bills can be authorised individually as they are submitted within the Billing Main window, or you can use the batch authorisation function available on the Home Page for authorising multiple bills in one go.


In order to authorise and post bills from the Home Page you need to have the Bills window displayed. See the topic Customising your Home Page if you need to know how to display the Bills window.


If you are using the Billing Wizard, you can authorise and post a bill in the Stage Five window. Follow the instructions below from step 4.
  1. Open the Client page or the client Assignment page for the required client and then click the Bills tab of the Client or Assignment page.

  2. Double–click the submitted draft bill you want to authorise in the Draft Bills list (the Entry Status column will tell you if the bill has been submitted or whether it is still in draft).

  3. In the Billing Main window, click the Authorise a Submitted Bill button, Authorise Bill button.

  4. In the Select Employee window, select your name from the list to identify yourself as responsible for authorising the bill, then click OK. By default the current user is selected.
    Once a bill has been authorised, the authorisation status will change from ‘Unseen’ to green ‘Authorised’ and the responsible employee's name will be displayed next to this.

Bill status after authorisation

  1. Click the Post button and then click Yes on the Posting prompt to post the bill.
    The Bills Ready to Print window is displayed.
    This will list all posted bills that haven't yet been printed.

  2. Click OK to close the window.
    The client's Bills tab will display, with the posted bill listed in the Full Billing History list.

Batch authorise and post bills from the Home Page

  1. Click the Home Page tab to select it, or click the Home Page button on the toolbar, Home page toolbar button.

  2. If you only want to view bills for a specific client partner, select the Partner check box and type the name of the required partner over the 'All' or current partner name.
    To view all unposted bills leave the Partner check box unselected.

  3. In the Bills window, select the check box next to all the bills you want to authorise or post. Only those items which are selected will be affected by any actions you perform.

    Bills window


A bill has to have the status of 'Submitted' before it can be authorised. Any bills selected for authorisation which are still draft will remain as draft.
  1. Click the Approve button, File:dirname/pm/090_Billing/200_How+to.../040_How+to+authorise+and+post+a+bill/Approve_button.gif.
    All selected bills will now be marked as 'Authorised'.

  2. Click the Post button, File:dirname/pm/090_Billing/200_How+to.../040_How+to+authorise+and+post+a+bill/Post_button_on_Homepage.gif.
    The posted bills will be removed from the list.
    You can now print the posted bills by selecting Bills > Invoices Ready to Print.... from the main menu.


Bills can also be authorised and posted from the back office application. From the main menu select Bills>Standing Orders... to open the Standing Orders and Draft Bills window.


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