Authorising and posting from your Home Page

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If your Home Page is customised to show the Approve option, you can authorise and post more than one Timesheet, Disbursement Sheet and Expense Sheet at a time.

Authorise and Posting from your Home Page

  1. Go to your Home Page.

  2. Right-click the WIP Approval list.

    An example of the WIP Approval listing on a Home Page.

    WIP Approval List example

    The sort options appear.

Sort options

  1. Select WIP Items to approve in the window.

  2. Click the Status heading to group the Submitted items.

  3. Select the check box beside each Submitted item that you want to authorise and post.

  4. Click the Authorise Authorise button button .
    The selected items are marked Authorised.

  5. Click the Post Post button button.
    The items are removed
    The items will appear in the Aged WIP.

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