Authorising, deleting and exporting

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  • If your Home Page is customised to show the Approve option, you can authorise and post more than one Timesheet, Disbursement Sheet and Expense Sheet at a time.
  • You can delete an entry from a Timesheet or Expense Sheet as long as it is in Draft status. If the Timesheet or Expense Sheet is in Submit status, you need to return it to Draft status first (click the Draft status button) so that you can delete the entry. If the Timesheet or Expense Sheet is in any other mode, follow Adjusting a Timesheet or Expense Sheet.
  • There will be occasions where you will need to delete an entire record of a Timesheet, Expense Sheet or Disbursement Sheet from the system. You can do this only if the record is in Draft status. If it has been Submitted you can revert it to Draft to delete it. If it has been posted, you will have to reverse it.
  • Some practices use Excel to analyse date, create reports and manage their information. Open a Timesheet or Expense Sheet and simply click Export to Excel in the Task Bar. Excel opens displaying the information from the Timesheet allowing you to reuse the data.