Authorising and posting a Disbursement Sheet

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    Once a Disbursement Sheet is submitted, the next step it to authorise and post it. This process moves the client WIP into debtors, allowing the practice to then keep track of its financial exposure. You can only approve and post a Disbursement Sheet if you your security group has the access permission to do so.

    Disbursement Sheets can be authorised individually from the Timesheets tab of the Employees Details page, or if your Home Page is customised to show the Approve option, you can authorise and post more than one from your Home Page. If you want to authorise more than one Disbursement Sheet, click here.

    Authorise and post a Disbursement Sheet

    1. Open the Disbursement Sheet.

    2. Click the Approve Authorise button button .
      The Authorisation Status changes to Authorised.

    3. Click the Post Post button button.
      The Authorisation Status changes to Posted.