Opening a Disbursement Sheet

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You can open a Disbursement Sheet from the Employee Details page, or from your Home Page if it is customised to show the Toolbox: Approve option.

Open a Disbursement Sheet from the Employees Details page

  1. Find the Employee Details page.

  2. Click the Timesheets tab.

  3. Select Disbursements from the drop down list (under the Timesheet tab)

  4. Select the time period using the To and From drop down date lists.
    A list of Disbursement Sheets appears.

  5. Double-click the Sheet you want.
    The Disbursement Sheet appears.

Open a Disbursement Sheet from your Home Page

  1. Open your Home Page.

  2. In the Approve option window, locate the Disbursement Sheet Disbursement Sheet button you want to open in the listing.

  3. Double-click the link in the Employee name.
    The Disbursement Sheet appears.


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