Creating a Disbursement Sheet for an Employee

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If the practice does not use the default, Disbursement Employee, you create a Disbursement Sheet for yourself to apply the disbursement to the client's WIP. If you have the authority, you can also create a Disbursement Sheet on behalf of another employee.

Create a Disbursement Sheet for an Employee

  1. Find the Employee Details (your page or another employee's page).

  2. Select the Timesheet tab.

  3. Select Disbursements from the drop down list (located under the Timesheet tab).

  4. Click Create disbursement sheet in Timesheets on the Task Bar.
    The Create New Sheet window appears.

  5. Select the Time Period required.

  6. Click OK.
    The Disbursements sheet appears.

  7. Go to Recording disbursements.


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