Timesheet Authorisation

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Topics in this Section

  • The Time Authorisation modes allow a practice to configure the application to better mimic their business practices. These modes are used to control how timesheet entries are made available for billing to deliver a more efficient billing process of time to clients. A practice can use standard PM authorisation, project based authorisation or simplified authorisation, or combinations of either.
  • If the practice decides to use Project Based Authorisation, it is necessary to set up specific employees with the authority to 'post' the unposted time as shown in the Billing Wizard or the Client Page: Assignment tab. This authority is called Post WIP Responsibility. An employee with Post WIP Responsibility is aligned to their security group or to their employee roles. These roles are maintained at system level and applied to client and assignment teams. It would be possible, therefore, to assign Post WIP Responsibility rights to assignment managers and partners as well as client team member roles. In the case of the Client Partner, Post WIP Responsibility is automatically assigned with rights over all assignments for their clients.
  • If your practice uses Standard PM Authorisation mode, it requires an employee’s entire timesheet to be authorised and posted before any of the individual timeline entries can be billed. Each timesheet is likely to contain a number of different timeline entries across a combination of different assignments (projects) and tasks (activities), but these can only be billed once the user has submitted the entire sheet for approval (authorisation) and posting. Typically, the timesheets are approved and posted by the employee’s line manager.
  • If your practice uses Project Based Authorisation, timesheet entries are authorised and posted line by line without the necessity for an entire timesheet to be posted using the draft, submit, authorise and post process. The timesheet entries are posted using the Post WIP function from the Client Page > Assignments tab or from the Billing Wizard.