Adjusting a Timesheet

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    You can only adjust a Timesheet if:

    • it has not been posted,

    • the time processing period has not closed (or expired), and

    • you have the access permission to do so.

    Adjust Timesheet

    If the timesheet has been posted, click here.

    1. Open the Timesheet that you want to edit.

    2. If it is Submitted, change it back to Draft by clicking the Draft Entry Status button..

    3. Double-click the entry you want to adjust.

    4. If it is a calendar entry timesheet, the Time Entry window appears.

    1. Adjust the information as required.
      You cannot change the Assignment details.

    2. Press [Enter].

    3. Click Apply and OK to close the Time Entry window.

    1. If it is a daily or periodic timesheet, adjust the information in the columns on the timesheet.

    2. To submit the Timesheet for authorisation, click the Submit Submit button button.
      The Entry Status field changes to Submitted.

    3. Click OK to save and close the Timesheet.