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The level of detail a timesheet can be recorded for will be determined by the Job Mode.

Assignments and Schedules

This setting does not allow the creation of jobs.  You will be able to record time against assignments and schedules as normal.  You will only be able to record time against a schedule if it is marked as task related.

To create a timesheet find the assignment either by using the Find Assignment window, or the Client>Assignment screen. When you find the assignment, right click on it and choose the Create Timesheet option. The Time Entry window is displayed in either Calendar or Daily mode, depending on how Timesheets have been set up.

Assignments, Schedules and Jobs

You will be able to create jobs or schedules for an assignment.  You will be able to record time against assignments and task related schedules only.  You will not be allowed to record time against a job. All time recorded for jobs will be posted directly to the Assignment and not the Job.

Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Jobs Time Recording

In this mode you will be able to record time against jobs and schedules.

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