Entry Status and Authorisation buttons

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    Use the Entry Status buttons and the Authorisation buttons to advance Timesheets, Expense Sheets and Disbursement Sheets (known as Sheet below) through the various stages to billing.

    Button Descriptions

    The Entry Status is updated from Draft when you consider the details on the sheet are ready for authorisation:


    Its location

    What it does

    Draft button Draft

    Entry Status field

    You see the Draft status when you create a new Sheet and it remains that way while you add, edit and delete entries.

    The status remains as Draft until you use the Submit button.

    File:dirname/pm/080_TimeSheets%2C+Expense+Sheets+and+Disbursement+Sheets/040_Entry+Status+and+Authorisation+buttons/Tmsht_submit_bttn.gif Submit

    Entry Status field

    Use the Submit button to send the sheet for authorising or approval. You can return to Draft status by clicking the Draft button while it is in the Submit status.

    Only a person with the appropriate access permissions can update the Sheet through the following stages:

    Unseen button Unseen

    Authorisation Status panel

    The Sheet has been submitted by the employee and is awaiting review.

    Authorise buttonAuthorise


    Authorisation Status panel

    Use the Authorised button to send the sheet for posting.

    Unauthorise buttonUnauthorised

    Authorisation Status panel

    Click Unauthorised when you need to change the status back to Submitted so that you can add information or other detail.

    Held Up buttonHeld-up

    Authorisation Status panel

    Click to the Held-Up button to stop progress. To change from Held-up, use the Authorised button.

    Post Now button


    Post Now button Post

    Posting panel

    Click to send the sheet for billing.