Printing cheques

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    The Bookkeeping > Cheques to Print window displays all Employee/Supplier cheques that have not been printed.

    Print cheques

    To preview cheque information

    1. On the main menu, click Bookkeeping > Cheques to Print.
    2. In the Cheques to Print window, click the cheque and then click the Preview button.

    To print selected cheques

    1. Highlight the selected cheques by holding the down the [Shift] key and clicking the relevant cheques

    2. Then click the Print button
      The selected cheques are printed on the default printer.

    To mark cheques as printed

    1. Highlight the selected cheques by holding down the [Shift] key and then clicking the relevant cheques.

    2. Then select the Printed check box.
      If the cheques have not been printed, a message is displayed asking you to confirm that you want the cheques to be marked as printed.

    3. Click OK.
      The cheques are marked as printed and removed from the list of cheques to print.