Entering a receipt against a client invoice

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    Enter a receipt against a client invoice

    1. From the·main menu, select Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Sales Ledger Receipts.
      From the Client > Assignment page, click Sales Ledger.

    2. In the Sales Ledger window, click the Receipts option on the Task Bar on the left.

    3. In the Receipt window, from the Company drop down list, select the company to whom the receipt is to be paid. The options in the Account drop down list automatically update according to the company selected.

    4. Enter the Client Code for the client from whom payment has been received. If you do not know the full client code, you can click the Ellipsis button Ellipsis button that opens the Find Client window. Use the Find Clients window to locate the client. The system will populate the Client Name field automatically.

    5. Enter the Date of the receipt by selecting from the drop down calendar. The default date is the current date.

    6. Enter the Receipt Number, a brief Description for the receipt and the Amount being paid.

    7. Select the Style of the receipt for printing.

    8. Select the invoice that the receipt is to be allocated against.
      You can drill down to allocate the receipt against an item within the invoice if required. Click the [+] next to the required invoice in the Bills Tree. The sub-items open, showing the breakdown of Time and Disbursements, or Miscellaneous or Estimate to Complete charges that make up the selected invoices. Keep clicking the [+] next to each level until you reach the desired sub-item. The Bill Tree goes down to the individual employee level.

    9. Click anywhere in the invoice or invoice item line that you want to allocate the receipt against.
      The Allocation window appears.

    10. Define the following field:

    11. Click Allocate to allocate the receipt against the invoice or invoice item you have selected.
      The receipt is allocated.

    12. Click Post to update the allocation to the database.
      The Posting message appears.


    You must post the allocation before moving onto another allocation or task.
    1. Click Yes to continue the posting, or No to cancel and return to the Receipt window.
      The receipt is successfully posted and the updated figures are shown on the Receipt window.