Making a manual part payment

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    Make a manual part payment

    1. From the main menu, select Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Purchase Ledger Payments.

    2. In the Payments window, select the Company for whom the payment is being made.

    3. Select the Account.

    4. Select Source for the funds.

    5. Enter the Supplier Code.
      The supplier details, together with a list of all outstanding invoices are displayed.

    6. Enter a unique payment Number, if required.

    7. Enter the payment Description, if required.

    8. Enter the allocated amount in the Amount field.

    9. Select the invoices that part of the payment should be made against.

    10. Click the invoice row.
      The Allocation window, which enables you to allocate the appropriate amounts to the invoice, appears.

    11. Enter the amount of the part payment for the invoice in the Allocation field, then click the Allocate button.
      The Allocate column in the Payments window now shows the amount entered as being allocated.

    12. Click the Post button.
      The Posting confirmation message appears.

    13. Click OK.
      The Create Payment message confirms that the payment was successfully created.

    14. Click OK.
      If the payment source selected for this supplier is Cheque, the Cheques ready to print window appears.

    15. Select the cheque to be printed by selecting the appropriate line, then select the Printed check box.
      The Confirmation message appears.

    16. Click Yes.
      The item selected in the Cheques ready to print window disappears and the relevant supplier cheque is printed. The invoice originally selected for payment disappears from the Payments window.


    An alternative approach is to use the Payment Run facility to print multiple cheques.