Entering a manual payment for multiple invoices

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    This procedure describes how to make a one-off manual payment (for multiple invoices) to a supplier rather than as part of the regular payment run. It is useful in situations when invoices have become due for payment and need to be paid immediately.

    Enter a manual payment for multiple invoices

    1. On the main menu, Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Purchase Ledger Payments.

    2. In the Payments window, on the right side of the window, select the Ledger option.

    3. Select the Company from the drop-down list.

    4. Click in the Account field and select a bank account from the drop-down list.

    5. Click in the Source field and select the method of payment.

    6. Enter the Supplier Code or the Supplier Name then press the [Enter] key. When one is entered correctly, the other displays automatically.
      The list of all outstanding invoices for the selected supplier are displayed.

    7. Enter the Date, cheque Number and a brief Description of the payment.

    8. Select the Allocate Multiple check box in the Payment window.

    9. Select the invoices by holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking the invoices. The Allocate Multiple button becomes enabled.

    10. Click the Allocate Multiple button. The Amount field displays the total amount due for all the selected invoices.

    11. Click the Post button Post button to post the transaction.
      A message alerts you that posting these details would commit these transactions permanently.

    12. Click Yes to post the transaction and close the message window.
      If the default payment source for the supplier is Cheque, or Cheque is selected from the drop-down menu, the Cheques ready to print window is displayed.

    13. Select the cheque to be generated by highlighting the appropriate line, and clicking on the Preview button (or the Print button).
      Microsoft Word is launched with the relevant cheque displayed.

    14. Once you have viewed the cheque details close MS Word.
      The Cheques ready to print window is redisplayed.

    15. Select the Printed check box to indicate that the selected cheque has been printed.

    16. Click Close to close the Cheques ready to print window.
      The invoices selected for payment will have disappeared from the Payments window.

    17. Click Close to close the Payments window.


    Alternatively, you can use the Payment Run facility to prepare/ print multiple cheques.