Generating a cheque payment run for a supplier

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    A payment term with specified From and To dates can be used to generate a cheque payment run for multiple supplier invoices. A range of filters can also be applied to facilitate the payment process including: company, office, partner or department.


    Ensure that the Payment Type on the Defaults tab of the supplier window is set to Cheque. Otherwise no cheque transactions will be available for payment.

    Generating a cheque payment run for a Supplier

    1. From the main menu, select Bookeeping > CashPosting > Payment run.

    2. In the Create Payment List window select Cheque from the Payment Type drop down list.

    3. Select a Payment Date option.
      If you choose the Select by Due Date option, enter the Due Date.
      Choosing the Select by Invoice Date enables the Date From and Date To fields. Select the start and end dates of the period for the payment run.

    4. From the Filter block, select if you would like to filter by Company details or by Supplier/Employee.
      If you choose to filter by company, select the Company, Office, Partner and Department.
      From the Filter By drop down list select if you would like the payments to be filtered further by Employee or Supplier.
      To filter by the amount due, enter the Balance From and Balance To fields.
      If you choose to filter by Supplier/Employee, enter the supplier/employee name and code.

    5. Click the Next button.
      The Payments to Print window appears.

    6. Select the Company from the drop down list.
      The invoices for the selected company are displayed.

    7. Select the bank account from the drop down list.

    8. Enter the Cheque Number for the payment run.

    9. Select the invoices to be paid by holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking the invoices.

    10. Click the Report button Report button to generate a report of all transactions included in the payment run.
      The Save As window appears.

    11. Navigate to the location you want to save the file in, enter an appropriate name and click Save to save the report.


    The cheque Run button remains inactive and greyed out until the Transactions Report is produced.
    1. On the Payments to Print window, click the Run button.
      A message is displayed cautioning you that posting these transaction will commit them permanently, and if you would like to continue.

    2. Click Yes to post the transactions and to close the message window.
      Payments are posted against the relevant invoices.

    3. Click the Remittance button to view the remittance advice.
      The advice is displayed in an MS Word document.

    4. Click the Close button Close button to close the Payments to Print window.

    5. Click the Close button Close button to close the Create Payment List window.


    Cheques print directly to your default printer, and remittance advices produce a Word document that you can print. If you have a combined remittance advice and cheque, you have the choice of selecting either cheque letters or remittance letters if you want a Word document created. You do not need to choose both, unless you have cheques that are separate from the remittance advice.
    All selected suppliers must have a bank address attached if a cheque payment run is to be used.