Editing a saved payment run

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    You can modify a saved payment run by retrieving it and changing the details as necessary.

    Edit a saved payment run

    1. From the main menu, select Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Payment Run.

    2. In the Payment Run window, select the payment run type (either cheque or BACS/BPay) and then select the Saved Payment Runs check box.
      The drop-down list displays all the saved payment runs.
      Other optional filter criteria are provided.

    3. Select the payment run from the list and click Next to be taken to the Payment Run window for the selected payment run.

    4. In the Payment Run window for the selected payment run, select the Company from the drop down list.

    5. Select the Bank account from the drop down list.

    6. Enter a unique Payment Number.
      All the qualifying outstanding payments are listed in the grid.
      From this window you are be able to change the detail in either a Cheque or BACS/BPAY payment run and then have the option to enter a Payment Number and save the information.

    7. Once you are satisfied with the changes to the payment run you can save it. The unique Payment Number supplied is used to access the payment run at a later stage.