Employee Ledger

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The Employee Ledger is used for creating payments to employees for services provided. You can make adjustments, enter payments and view the employee’s ledger details.

The Employee Ledger window can be accessed from the Bookkeeping>Cash Posting>Employee Ledger menu, or via the Task Bar in the Employee > Main window.

The Employee Ledger window contains the following options:

  • Payments

  • Ledger

These options control which window is shown and the tasks that can be performed in each.

Selecting Payments displays the Payments window. In this window you can enter payment details for invoices received for employees.

Selecting Ledger displays the Ledger window. In this window you can view payment history for the employee, with details such as the payment status and the status of any disputes about the payments.

Topics in this Section

  • This feature allows you to select a number of invoices to pay, without knowing the total amount, and have the system calculate the total amount of the multiple allocated invoices for you.
  • You may want to send one cheque to cover a number of different invoices for an employee. If this occurs, you will need to allocate the payment to multiple invoices. This process is achieved by entering the total amount of the payment, and then allocating it against each of the invoices until the remaining unallocated amount is zero.
  • An unallocated payment is money paid by the practice to an employee who does not as yet have an invoice against which to match the payment. For example, when cash is deposited in advance of the services being billed. Once the prepayment has been entered, it is posted to update the employee’s ledger. There is no matching at this stage as the invoice has not yet been received. When the invoice is received, entered and posted, the unallocated payment can then be matched.
  • As a part of the payment process, payments should be matched against an invoice. At times, however, an allocation may need to be changed or corrected. You are able to reallocate a payment if the payment and the two invoices involved are for the same employee and they are in the same open tax period.
  • You can reverse a payment entry. In case of an error in the original entry of the payment, or if a cheque was cancelled, you can remove this transaction from the employee’s ledger. Once you have reversed a payment, it is no longer in the system and cannot be reallocated later. Payments can be reversed across open or closed tax periods. The reversed payment can be viewed in the Ledger window when the employee is selected.