Adding a Stage to a Schedule

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Stage is a series of related tasks grouped around the skill requirements and level of authority of the person or area assigned to complete them.

Add a Stage to a Schedule

  1. Find the Assignment.
    The Assignment Details page appears.

  2. Click the Schedule tab.

  3. Select the assignment you want to add stages to in the drop-down assignments list.

    Assignment list

  4. Type the next sequential number into the Step field.

  5. Type a description into the Stage Description.

    A stage description might be entered like this:

    Commence Job and if it is typed as Step 1 the Predecessor is None

    Preparation and the Predecessor is Commence Job (1)

    Review and the Predecessor is Preparation (2)

    Finalisation and the Predecessor is Review (3)

  6. Choose a predecessor from the Predecessor drop-down list. (This is the previous stage you entered.)

  7. Press [Enter].
    The Status column displays Not started. The remaining columns remain blank.

  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each stage you are creating.

  9. Click OK on the Assignment Details page to save the stages.

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