Setting up work using an Assignment Template

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    Assignment templates define day-to-day work that a practice carries out as professional services offered to clients. Assignment templates are maintained in the application so that they can be used to quickly set up the work to be done for clients.

    Set up work using an Assignment Template

    1. Find the Client.

    1. In the Client window, click the Assignments tab.
      Any existing assignments are listed.

    2. Click Add from template under Assignment in the Task Bar.
      The Create Assignment from Template Wizard appears.

    3. Select the type of assignment wanted from the drop-down list in the Assignment Template Group field.

    4. Select the check box beside the Assignment Type template that you want to add.

    5. If you want to define the Assignment Manager at this time, find the employee by using the ellipse button at the end of the row.

    6. Click OK.

    7. The new assignment is added to the list in the Assignment tab of the Client Page.

    8. Click OK to close the Client Page.


    The next step is to set up a schedule. See Adding a Schedule to an Assignment.