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The following information is valid only for the Assignments, Schedules and Jobs and Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording job modes.

After you have used the client creation wizard to add details to a new client, and when the client page opens for the first time, you are prompted to add an assignment. Clicking Yes on the Add Assignment window opens the Add Assignment wizard.  You can also access this window via the Click here to add a new job link on the Job Sheet home page control and the Client page > Assignments tab.

Add an assignment and schedule or job from a template

  1. If the name of the client is not displayed in the Client field, click the Ellipsis button Ellipsis button to open the Find Client window.  Select the client.

  2. Ensure that the Add from template option is selected. When this option is selected, a list of existing templates is displayed in a table below. You can use these templates to add assignments and schedules. All the templates are displayed by default.

  3. Select a Job from the list or type over the existing text.

  4. Select the Assignment Template Group for the assignment to filter the list of displayed templates. The window displays All templates by default.

  5. From the list of existing templates, select the template(s) you would like to add to the client. For every selected template a new tab is created next to the Client Details tab.  For example, if you select a template called Audit, a tab called Audit is created.

  6. Click the newly created tabs to enter the Job/Schedule details. The window title updates from Step 1 of 1 to Step 2 of 2.  If a schedule template has been created for the assignment template, the schedule template details will be displayed.


At this point you can accept the default information displayed and click Finish to create the assignment. It is not mandatory to complete further details.  The selected Assignments, Schedules or Jobs are added to the client.
If a schedule template has been added to the selected assignment template, a schedule will be created and added to the assignment using the schedule template details.  If no schedule template is associated to an assignment template, a job will be created and added to the assignment.

Add Schedule or Job Details

  1. If no schedule template exists for the assignment, specify the following details for the job:

  • Job: Defaults to the current year that can be typed over as this is a text field.

  • Assigned to: Optional field.  Use the Ellipsis button to select an employee.

  • Budget: Optional field. Specify a budget for the job.

  • Target: Optional field. Enter a target completion date for the job.

You will have the option to add a schedule to the assignment or you can create a schedule template for the assignment type. The next time the assignment template is used to add a new assignment to a client, a schedule will automatically be added.

  1. If a Schedule has been added, enter details for the Description, Start Date, End Date, Frequency and Fee Budget. You will not be able to change the schedule stage details.  Once the assignment and schedule have been created you have the option of editing the schedule details on the Assignment>Schedule tab.

  2. Enter Notes if required.
    The responsibility details will be taken from the assignment template. If the template does not contain the information, the details will be taken from the client. You can enter or edit the details.

  3. Specify the Partner, Manager, Company and Centre.

  4. Select the Department, Office and Nominal.

  1. Click Finish to be taken to the Client > Assignment window where all the newly added assignments and schedules or jobs will be displayed.


You can click the Finish button at any point. It is not mandatory to view every tab.

Add an ad hoc assignment and schedule or job

  1. If the name of the client is not displayed in the Client field, click the Ellipsis button Ellipsis button to open the Find Client window.

  2. Select the client.

  3. Select the Create New Assignment option if you want to create a bespoke assignment. The table below updates to display blank cells that you can enter information into. The Assignment Template Group list will appear grayed out.

  4. Enter the name of the Assignment.

  5. Enter the unique assignment Code that will identify the assignment.

  6. Select the Category from the list. This attaches the assignment to an assignment type.


No Job or Schedule information is added for the assignment.  You can add a job or a schedule to the assignment after it is created.
  1. Click Finish to create the assignment. The Client > Assignment window is displayed.

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