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The Stage Category is the employee category that the Stage can be allocated to. When initially preparing the high-level plan for a client, the manager/partner will typically model the activity around a perceived skill requirement. They will have a reasonable idea of the degree of competency and management a job will require, and what level of employee should undertake the work.

Changing a Stage Category

The system default when a stage is created will be to the ‘-Unspecified’ employee category. This Unspecified category denotes that any employee irrespective of their category can enter time for that stage.

It is possible to change the employee category from ‘-Unspecified’ to a more appropriate employee category (as long as there is no WIP captured against it already). Multiple employee categories may be added to the one stage if required.

A stage category will be used by the assignment manager as the basis for budgeting, monitoring progress and deadlines, and marking as Complete. The employee(s) who are allocated the work will manage the particular timesheet codes (tasks) attached to the stage, and time recorded against them through actual timesheet entries.

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