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    A task is an activity or the basic step that each employee does when carrying out work for the practice. A task forms part of a stage allocated to an employee category as part of a schedule.

    Task Codes and Stages

    The time taken on a task, or an expense associated with a task is either chargeable or non-chargeable to a client and is accounted for by way of recording information on Timesheets and Expense Sheets. Each task has a code associated with it and is maintained in the system under a Task Code.

    You can set tasks and assign them to stages. How simple or detailed the assignments become is up to you. The more detailed and structured the assignments, the more detailed the profit analysis per work type, allowing you to really get an understanding of the profitability of the services offered to your clients.

    A task could be any one of these examples:

    • Allocate job

    • Collate information

    • Balance accounts

    • Send for review

    • Check accuracy

    • Sign off work