The Find Assignment Window

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    The Find Assignment results window allows you to view a summary of the assignments, schedules and jobs created for all clients across the business.

    The Results List

    After you have entered the search criteria, the Find Assignment results page displays information in two tables.  The table in the top half of the page lists Assignments highlighted in light blue followed by the Jobs and Schedules associated with that particular assignment.

    The assignments and all schedules or jobs associated with the assignments are displayed as units.  When changing the order of the information displayed by using the column headers or by grouping the information, the assignments and all associated jobs and schedules will always move as a unit.

    It shows open assignments as well as Unposted WIP, Posted WIP, and Total WIP. If you want to view details of closed assignments, select the Show Closed Assignments check box to add them to the list.

    Viewing Assignments

    Assignments are highlighted in light blue. To view the details of a specific assignment:

    • Double–click the assignment row. The Assignment Details page opens.

    • Click the Name field.  The Assignment Details page opens.

    Viewing Schedules or Jobs

    If the row is not highlighted in blue, the row is a schedule or job. Click the Name field. The details for the schedule or job are displayed.

    For more details on the Job Details window, click here.


    You cannot delete an assignment from the Find Assignment results window. You can only delete assignments from the Clients > Assignment window.

    Right Click Popup Menu

    Right–click anywhere in either table to access the pop up menu from where you can use the Field Chooser to add or remove columns from the list.

    If you are using the Assignments, Schedules or Jobs or Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording job modes, right clicking on the relevant assignments will offer you the option to add or remove jobs.

    Preview Panel

    The table in the lower half of the window provides you with a preview of the milestone details when you click a relevant job or schedule in the top table. To preview the milestone details of all the schedules or jobs associated with an assignment, select the assignment row in the top table.


    Clicking the Assignment Name will take you to the details of the assignment, schedule or job.

    The preview panel is linked to the Job Management Job Sheet home page control and allows you to update the milestone details for the chosen job or schedule. All changes made to a schedule or job in the preview panel will be visible on the home page control.

    To hide the preview panel, right click on the table and select the Hide Preview Panel option from the right click menu.

    To display the panel, right click on the table and select the Show Preview Panel option from the right click menu.


    At the bottom of the Find Assignment window, you will see the following check boxes:

    • Hide form when only one item found: Select this option to open the assignment details screen directly if the search criteria supplied results in only one assignment being identified.  If you leave this box clear you will have to either press [Enter] or double click the relevant assignment to open it.

    • Search any part of name/code: When this check box is selected it will return all assignments that contain the search criteria provided in any part of the code or name.  If you leave the box clear it will only return assignment information if the search criteria provided finds an exact match.

    • Include Closed Assignments: With this box selected assignment information for closed assignments will be included in the search results.  If the box is left clear assignments with a closed status will be excluded from the search results.

    • Include Completed Jobs: With this box selected all jobs associated to an assignment will be returned in the search results.  If the box is left clear jobs with a completed status will not be included in the search results.