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You can attach client specifc documents to the bundle.  These documents must already be in PDF format. In addition, any attachments uploaded for Online Filing will be added as client specifc documents at the point the IR mark is generated.

Additional Documents for Online Filing

When you create the IR mark any Additional documents added for Online Filing are added to the Client specific grid in the same order that they were added for Online Filing.  These appear before any Client specific documents manually added on this window.

Adding a Client Specific Document

Click on the Location when selected field in the Client specific grid to activate the  button. 

Tax Return bundle - Client Specific.png

Click on the the  button to open the Add Additional Document window.  Select the document.

Tax Return Bundle Client Specific Entered.png

To delete an attachment highlight the row in the grid and press the Delete key on the keyboard.  A message will be displayed:

Are you sure you wish to delete this document.png

Click Yes on the message to delete.

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