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CGT Carried Interest and Losses offset. It is not currently possible to allocate CGT losses against Carried Interest.

Add a CGT adjustment and make use of the new override facilities to ensure the correct values appear on the face of the return.

ITS 56823 2017.4

Expat Employments – Where a value for the Gross Up appears in a disclosure note, Central may crash when generating an IR Mark. This is because the value in the disclosure for the gross up does not match the value in the database.

Workaround: Ensure that the employment screen is saved and closed to ensure that the values are consistent. If you have crashed out, open the client and each employment, clicking save and close in turn.

New Exclusions – Please see the linked KB article KB7724 to see the latest HMRC exclusions and how these are handled by CCH Personal Tax for 2016/17.    
Remittance Basis > Specific Equalisation > Foreign Dividends – are being reported in both columns in the Proof of Equalisation – partial schedule ITS 56761 2018.1
SA900 > Where gains exist for both Residential and Other assets, and there is a loss on a separate ‘Other Asset’ this is being incorrectly set against the Residential Asset type. ITS 56627 2018.1

CGT – Residential property schedule shows 0 where a gain exists. The computation is correct though. Workaround Untick 'Computations provided' on data entry summary screen for CGT, then edit the schedule and save it as a pdf, and attach that to the online filing record.

ITS 56258 2018.1
SA100/SA900 – CGT & NTCGT losses are not being rolled forward when a 2018 return is rolled forward from 2017. ITS 56274 2018.1

SA900 > Long Description does not wrap it overruns onto Page TC2. For now the description needs to be abbreviated.

Log a call with the support team and supply an exported case for rectification. We will introduce an override in 2017.4

ITS 56372 2017.4

If you have only one disposal record that is Residential Property and the proceeds are below the £44,401 limit, then even if there is a chargeable gain we are not generating the SA109. This then causes a CAL1 rejection as HMRC will not know about the CG liability.

Workaround: Tick the override boxes at the bottom of the data entry screen.

ITS 56348 2018.1
Expat CGT - Hypothetical Tax Reconciliation / Reconciliation of Personal Tax Liability / Proof of Equalisation Partial / Proof of Equalisation / Statement of Liability - When looking at the above areas the CGT values reported are incorrect. N/A 2018.1
SA905 – Beneficiaries S37 tab vulnerable beneficiaries - Details of the disposal although present in the return are not appearing in the computation. The “Vulnerable Beneficiary Relief” value is not displayed in the correct box on the “Trust and estate tax calculation guide”.  The value should be displayed in box T7.29. N/A 2018.1
Any CGT entry that results in a no gain/loss is giving a validation error, e.g. There is an entry in CGT31 please complete at least one of CGT 34 and CGT35.  N/A FOR INFORMATION ONLY
NRCGT Box 47 in summary displaying Loss c/fwd – this is currently with HMRC for review N/A FOR INFORMATION ONLY
NRCGT Box 47 in summary displaying Loss c/fwd – this is currently with HMRC for review N/A FOR INFORMATION ONLY
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