Statutory Returns

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    This section explains where the dates for the completion of the statutory accounts is entered to that they appear on the IP record.

    Statutory Returns


    The return should first have been produced by the system and a lodgement record should be found in Documents.  Select the Lodgements folder:


    Select the record relating to the statutory return, right-click and select [Lodgement Details].


    In the dialog box that’s shown, complete the relevant details:


    Alternatively, if the system did not produce the document, but it exists in the client directory, it may be added manually.  Click the [Add] button, click the ellipsis and select the relevant file from the job’s lodgement folder:


    A record is created in document management.


    Right-click on this record and enter the relevant lodgement details as previously described.  You must change the Lodgement Type to “R&P” for the IP Record to be correctly populated.  You will additionally have to complete the [Date From] and [Date To] fields as these dates are not auto-populated by the system.