Vacation of office, etc

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    This section explains how to record the details of vacating office so that the IP Record is correctly populated.

    Vacation of office, etc


    For item 12(a), a record of the final meeting needs to be created in the meetings register.  Go to Corporate > Meetings Register (or Estate > Meetings Register for personal insolvency jobs).


    If a final meeting has not been recorded, click [Add] and enter the appropriate details.  The Meeting Type should be set to “Final Meeting”, as shown below.


    Item 12(b) is completed when the appointee’s release date is entered.  Go to General > Appointment and double-click on the relevant IP record.  Complete the Release Date field with the relevant date.


    The information to complete item 12(c) is found in the corporate information area.  Go to Corporate > Corporate Info > IP Record (or Estate > Estate Info > IP Record for personal insolvency jobs).  The date field for Date of Final Receipts and Payments should be when the final account is filed with the Registrar of Companies.



    The final account may be sent in some time after the final meeting, e.g., section 106 of the Insolvency Act 1986 allows for a period of 1 week after the latest of the final meetings to file the final account and return with the Registrar of Companies.