Progress of administration

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    This section explains where to enter the details relating to the appointment and statutory notifications.

    Progress of administration


    Item 7a, the date of commencement of proceedings, is held in the Corporate info tab (or Estate Info tab in personal insolvency jobs).  Go to Corporate > Corporate Info > IP Record (or Estate > Estate Info > IP Record for personal insolvency jobs) and check the “Date Insolvency Proceedings Commenced” field.


    If this date is missing, add the record by either clicking the [Add] button or click the type column, click the File:test/insolvency/250_23+IP+Record/030_Information+required+by+the+IP+Record/030_Progress+of+administration/DownArrow.png button and select ‘Date Insolvency Proceedings Commenced’.

    Item 7b is the date of appointment of the IP.  Go to General > Appointment and double-click on the Appointee record for the IP. 


    Select the Appointment Date field.


    Item 7c is on the same screen.  Select the Registrar Notified date.



    If the job is Scottish registered, you will be required to notify your appointment to the Accountant in Bankruptcy.  See item 7(c)(ii) on the schedule.  This field is also 

    held in the Corporate info tab (or Estate Info tab in personal insolvency jobs).

    You may have to manually add this field: