Details of the Insolvency Practitioner acting in the case

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    This section deals with the data which goes to populate the IP's details in the IP Record.

    Details of the Insolvency Practitioner acting in the case


    This is simply the normal appointee for the job.  This will have been set internally and will likely be correct.  However, if it needs to be changed, i.e., the office holder is incorrect for this job, go to General > Appointment and double-click on the Appointee record.

    If the changes need to be permanent, i.e., the office holder number is incorrect or the appointee’s authorising body needs to be changed, go to the Users menu and select the relevant appointee. 


    Item 3 is dependent on which practice address the appointee is located at or, if the appointee takes jobs from all practice addresses, the default practice address for the job.  In the above screen-shot, the IP’s practice is shown as “<All Practices>”, so item 3 will be the default practice address for the job.  Go to Job > Job Settings on the menu bar:


    The appointee’s address is defined by the Owner Practice field.  If the appointee’s address for the job is incorrect, it should be changed here.


    Alternatively, if the address itself is incorrect, i.e., the address is spelt wrong or incomplete, or the practice has recently moved, it should be changed under the Practices menu.  Go to Practices, select the relevant practice and amend the address marked “Default mailing address”.