Import the PDF into CCH Insolvency

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    Once the PDF has been adjusted appropriately and saved, it must next be made available to the application.

    Import the PDF into CCH Insolvency

    1.    Go to Manage Document Templates and select All Shared > Forms:


    2.    Click [New File] and select the form prepared previously (in this case, Form 2.30B(CH)).

    In the Details tab, select the file attributes as shown below::


    3.    In the Display Options tab, select:



    The actual selection here will depend on the form type.  In this case, form 2.30B (CH) is for (England and Wales) Administrations only – Scottish Administrations have their own form.

    4.    In the User Prompts tab, select:



    This enables a selection to be made for the appointee signing the form where there is more than one appointee, but also for the ‘presenter’ information at the bottom of the form.


    The User Inputs tab is left blank in this example but enables ‘custom’ replacefields to be entered to appear in the Document Production Wizard.

    5.    In the Advanced tab, enter a name for the Stored Procedure (“SP”) to be associated with the form, for example:



    The name could be anything here but, to keep the resulting SP in line with other similar SPs, it is recommended that the name starts with ‘pdfsp_’ then the name of the form, with underscores replacing spaces.

    6.    We now need to enter prompts for form fields which have no replacecode associated with them and for the user will be required to enter information.

    As an example, the S120 notice requires the following information:

    • A contact at the insolvent company, which may not be the director
    • The name of the insolvent company’s pension scheme
    • The number of the pension scheme

    As none of these details is held in the company’s data in the application, the user must enter these details manually.

    7.    Click [Add].  The following screen is displayed:


    8.    From here, you may specify the type of entry required:

    • Choose an option
    • Enter a number or text
    • Enter a date
    • Enter several lines of text


    The SQL Statement option has not yet been implemented.

    9.    You should also enter a prompt for the users who will be completing this form, so that they know what to enter.  This prompt will be shown in the Document Production Wizard.

    In this example, we will require the user to enter a contact name, so the following example is used


    Click [Add] to add this prompt to the SP.

    Any number of entries may be created here, but for the current example, we only need three.  The first prompt has been created, so we will now create the prompts for the pension scheme name …


    … and the pension scheme number:


    Click [OK] to add each prompt as before.

    10.    Your screen should now look something like this:


    11.    Click [Create Stored Procedure] to create the basic SP.

    12.    Enter a location to save the SP file and click [Save].