Update the form fields for populating

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    Although the PDF forms package being used may create forms, they may not be in the correct place and definitely will not be correctly named if they were automatically created.  This will now have to be corrected.

    Update the form fields for populating

    The exact method of correction will depend on the software being used.  For the purpose of this example, Acrobat is again being used to demonstrate the principles.

    1.    Rename fields where the contents matches a replacefield to that replacefield, e.g., name of company or name of appointees (in this case, the company’s Registered Number and its name):


    2.    Rename fields where the field contents do not match a replacefield or have to be manipulated (e.g., the name of the secured creditor).


    3.    Set the font size and type.

    Generally, the fields are set so that the font size varies with the size of the field and the amount of text assigned to the field.  You may find this looks untidy.

    Select all or a number of fields, right click any one of them and select ‘Properties’:


    In the dialog box shown, select the Appearance tab and make the appropriate selection from the Font Size and Font:



    Options which have different selections in different fields when selected together are shown as File:test/insolvency/230_21+PDF+templates/030_PDF+Templates/020_Create+the+form+fields+for+populating/PDFQuestionButton.png.  Font and Font Size will generally show as “Varies” where different fields have different font settings.


    Not all tabs are shown as certain options are not available with several field selected at once.

    4.    Align the fields

    With all or some of the fields selected as before, right click any one of them and select either

    Set Fields to Same Size to set the height, width or both of the selected fields:


    Alternatively, select Align, Distribute or Center:


    For instance, set both the width and height to be the same then align left will give you a set of fields with the same dimensions.

    5.    Adjust the wording.

    In this form, there is an ‘I / We’ which has not been identified as a field:


    Create a new field which covers the wording:


    6.    This field is also the same height as the adjacent field and has been aligned with it so that the formatting remains consistent.

    7.    Rename the field.  In this case, as there’s a suitable replacefield, we’ll use [RF_APPOINTEE_I_WE_UPPER]:


    8.    For the appearance, we’ll make the field white to obscure the background text:


    9.    We’ll also align the text of this field to the right:



    The fields will probably need to be re-adjusted following testing.

    10.    Once all the required fields have been entered, amended and adjusted, ‘form editing’ can be closed and the file saved.


    NOTE: So that the PDF may be imported, the file must be saved in the root Forms folder:




    If you are using Acrobat to manipulate the form, you can also adjust the text on the form:


    With Form Editing closed, go to Tools > Content > Edit Object.  Click on the text you wish to move: a blue box will surround the text if you can move it:

    You may find too much text gets selected, in which case try manually selecting an area.


    Hover the cursor over the selected section.  The cursor will change:


    You can now click and drag that section.  Release the mouse button so fix the position.


    Other pdf editing applications may also have this functionality.