PDF Templates

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CCH Insolvency can produce standard forms from PDF files.  This section provides with an overview of preparing the base PDF for merging within CCH Insolvency.

PDF Templates

Using the system interface we will look at adding PDF files as reports in the system.

We will also look at setting the options including specifying the job types and specific operations for these PDF documents.

This section assumes you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, but any other PDF creator which can create form fields would suffice.  However, the exact procedure, menu items, etc., will of course be different.  You may need to refer to that application’s manual.

It is also assumed that the PDF does not already have form fields defined in it, or that the form fields are secured.  The issue of secured PDF’s is not dealt with in this document.

It should be possible to scan a document which has a number of boxes for completion, save that document in PDF format, then add form fields to that document.  Companies House, HM Revenue and Customs, HM Land Registry and other forms publishers now publish all their forms in PDF format only.  The examples shown below are taken directly from Companies House.


Create form fields in the pdf
This section provides an overview of creating form fields in a PDF document.
Update the form fields for populating
Although the PDF forms package being used may create forms, they may not be in the correct place and definitely will not be correctly named if they were automatically created.  This will now have to be corrected.
Adjusting the PDF
This section proves an overview of additional actions that can be taken when tidying up a PDF template.
Import the PDF into CCH Insolvency
Once the PDF has been adjusted appropriately and saved, it must next be made available to the application.
Amending the SP in SSMS
In the previous section, "Import the PDF into CCH Insolvency", we created a skeleton stored procedure ("SP").  This section describes how to open and amend the SP in SQL Server Management Studio ("SSMS").
Additional steps
This section provides an overview of the additional steps which may be taken when preparing the final stored procedure.