Recurring Tasks

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    Recurring Tasks may be set up for events that continually reoccur. Examples of reoccurring tasks include progress reports and annual receipts and payments (Form 4.68).

    Once the Status of a recurring Task has been set to Complete, the system will prompt the User to create another Task.

    The new task will be created from the Due On date based on the next specified interval (not the date the task is marked as complete).

    As the main recurring tasks have already been set, we will just review the settings for the task.

    Recurring Tasks

    1.    Open the same job that the Appointment Tasks Corp template was imported into earlier (or import the Appointment Tasks Corp template into another job).

    2.    Open the Tasks tab in the job and locate the Section 38 reports (to Companies House) task.  Double-click to open.


    You will see the Recurrence button is shown in a red font, indicating that this task is already set to recur.

    3.    Review the period by which the task is set to recur by clicking on the Recurrence button.  The Task Recurrence window appears.


    You will see that the task is set to recur every 6 months.

    4.    As you have now confirmed the details, click OK to close this window.

    5.    Set the Status of the Task to Complete using the Status drop-down box.


    6.    Click Save and Exit.  The Confirm Task Recurrence window appears.


    Click OK.

    7.    You will notice a new task is added.  If you set the Status on the Task Filter Bar (see Apply a filter to the Task List) to show {all} you will see both the completed and new tasks.