Linked Tasks

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    You may link a task to a task template.  This would be useful where your task required further tasks to be added, for instance, when closing a job, you may have tasks associated with closure, such as notifying the appointor and filing the final accounts.

    Your system administrator has created a task template with a number of closing tasks.  In this exercise, we will add it to a task.

    Linked Tasks

    1.    Create a new task as before and assign it to yourself.  Complete the following details:




    Close job


    Closure (Administrative)

    Due on

    27 June 2012

    Start on

    27 June 2012

    Compare your result with the screen below:


    2.    Select New Action and click Link Task Template.


    The Task template screen is displayed.


    3.    Select the appropriate template from the drop-down list:


    In this scenario and assuming the job type is a CVL, you should select the CCH CVL 2010 Closure template.

    4.    Click OK to leave this screen.

    The link to the template is shown in the task.  Note that Linked Task Template is appended to the Action.

    5.    Click Save and Exit to save the task.

    6.    If you now open the task and click on the Closing Tasks template link, you are prompted to add the relevant dates as if the task template were to be added manually (as above).