Adding a task resource

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    Resources provide links to relevant instructional/procedural information such as websites or intranet locations, and files, including MS Word documents, PDF files and MS Excel spread-sheets.

    In this simple example, we will use the same ‘Open bank account’ task to add a web link to the bank’s website to check the address.

    Adding a task resource

    1.    Create a New Resource on the Task Details Form, by selecting the Resources tab and clicking New Resource.

    The New Resource window appears.


    2.    Enter the Resource Description as shown below.  For this example, the web address was obtained by locating the web page in web browser, copying the address from the browser bar and pasting into the New Resource page.

    The Description may be anything that explains the resource.


    3.    Click OK to exit the New Resource window and return to the Task.  The Resource is shown in the Resource tab:


    Clicking on this link in the task will open the web page in the default web browser for your system.