Adding a task action

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    Performing an Action is like running a menu item from the Job toolbar.  This can really make it easy for a user to do the task that is required.  Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being able to link the output you create from completing the task back into the task for future reference or review.

    Adding a task action

    1.    Start by opening the task created above.  In this case, the task relates to opening a bank account.


    2.    Click the New Action button and select System Action.


    The Select Action menu bar appears.


    3.    Locate the menu item by navigating through the Job toolbar and clicking on menu items to select an action.  You will, of course, recognise the menu bar from the main job screen.

    Select any of the above items that is appropriate to the task you created.  In this exercise, a letter opening a bank account would seem most appropriate, so we will add that as an action.

    4.    Click Circulars & Mailing and navigate to Documents > General > Bank > Lloyds > Letter opening account (Lloyds).


    5.    Once you have selected a menu item, a new Action is added to the task, as the example below shows.


    6.    Next, add the Memo re charge-out rates (Lloyds).

    Your task should look something like this:


    7.    Review and then click Save and Exit.

    You may review the task with these actions attached by selecting the Actions View tab within Tasks.


    8.    After assigning your task back to yourself (if it was assigned to someone else), open the task, click Letter opening account (Lloyds).

    The document production wizard starts, producing the requisite letter.

    Complete the document production wizard as described in an earlier section.


    The symbol next to the Action has changed colour from to , indicating that the task has been completed.

    9.    Ensure that you save and link the document back into the system.  Your task should now have a document linked to it.